Option 1: Personal Study

  • HE1: Church Government (Personal)


    This course is an in-depth study on how the local church should be governed, incorporating the ministry gifts of apostles, pr...

  • HE2: Supernatural Living (Personal)


    This course is a study of how the spiritual and natural dimensions interact and influence each other. An investigation of the...

  • HE3: Victorious Eschatology (Personal)


    This is a study of endtimes. We will be presenting differing views of eschatology, but favoring a view which reveals an optim...

  • HE4: Kingdom Finances (Personal)


    This is a course designed to help the student understand and apply biblical principles for financial success. First, a histor...

  • HE5: Church History (Personal)


    In this course the student will gain a basic grasp of our Christian heritage. Great leaders, historic events and turning poin...

  • HE6: Systematic Theology (Personal)


    This is one of the most thought-provoking courses, starting with an investigation of the nature of God and His relationship t...

  • HE7: Book of Romans (Personal)


    A study of the book of Romans, including Paul’s teaching on sin, salvation, the nature of humanity, victory over sin, prede...