About Us

Institute for Hope and Life is overseen by Worldcast Ministries® and Publishing, a ministry led by Harold Eberle, headquartered in Yakima, Washington, USA.

Harold Eberle is a popular conference speaker and visiting instructor at numerous Bible Colleges around the world. He has ministered in dozens of countries, with special focus on three regions. In 1990, he began working in the Philippines helping Pastor Eddie Deita establish a Bible College and raise up leaders on the island of Mindanao. Then in 1996, Harold began spending extensive time in Africa, where he worked with Dr. Weston Gitonga to establish 12 Bible Colleges in seven countries of central Africa. Recently, Harold began focusing on the Middle East, where he continues to work and invest time ministering to Christians in the Muslim-dominated areas of the world.

Harold has authored over 30 books, dealing with issues such as Church leadership, life-centered Christianity, Kingdom finances, Church history, victorious Christian living, and various areas of theology. Several of his books are used as textbooks in Bible Colleges and seminaries throughout the world.

Harold and his wife, Linda, have been married for 35+ years and now live in Yakima, Washington, US. They raised three children who are grown and living happily on their own.

Institute for Hope and Life is in partnership with Vision International, an education network overseen by Dr. Stan DeKoven, with headquarters in Ramona, CA. Vision International is currently operating in over 150 countries, with over 100,000 students.

Statement of Faith

We believe:

  1. In one God and three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;
  2. In God, the Father:
    • who loves the world,
    • who is concerned and involved with humanity,
    • who is working all things after the counsel of His will.
  3. In God, the Son:
    • who is the only begotten Son of God,
    • who is the way, the truth and the life–the only Savior of the world,
    • who died for the sins of humanity,
    • who resurrected from the dead,
    • who will judge the living and the dead,
    • who will return to the earth.
  4. In God, the Holy Spirit:
    • who indwells believers, evidenced by the fruit of the spirit,
    • who baptizes the believer, evidenced by power,
    • who gives spiritual gifts to believers,
    • who works in the hearts of believers, leading and causing them to please God.
  5. That humanity is under the reign of sin and death, and therefore, needs a Savior;
  6. That salvation is a free gift of God, given to those who believe in Jesus Christ;
  7. That the righteous and the unrighteous will be resurrected from the dead to be judged:
    • those who believe will be rewarded with eternal happiness in the presence of God,
    • those who reject Jesus will be condemned to hell.
  8. That Jesus is building His Church:
    • a. which is made of all people who believe in Jesus Christ,
    • b. over which the gates of hades will not prevail,
    • c. which shall continue maturing until it is brought into fullness.
  9. In the kingdom of God:
    • which was established when Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father,
    • of which all believers in Jesus are citizens,
    • which may be experienced today,
    • which is growing in the earth, like seeds in soil,
    • which will grow until it fills the earth,
    • which will be brought in full power when Jesus returns to the earth.
  10. That the Old and New Testaments were written by men and inspired by God.